Dog Training centre in Bhilai

Action Pets Kennels was formed by Mr. Raghav Shukla in the year 2005. He worked primarily with rescued pedigree dogs. All the abandoned pets were given shelter and nursed back to good health. These dogs were then trained well to be professional security dogs.

We are located in the beautiful hills of Yewoor far away from the city traffic which provides the suitable environment for the dogs to develop their instincts in a better way and the perfect surrounding for dog training. We also provide back up dogs with handlers if they are required in case of any emergencies. All the expenses for the back up services are boned by Action Dogs. We only charge for the Dogs on duty.

You are always welcomed to visit our pet world to meet our dogs and witness the free demonstration of Action Dogs in action.

In the Year 2009 Action Pets Kennels has been registered as Action Dogs Services Pvt. Ltd providing a much larger canvas to work upon.

Today's competitive world Action Dog's Service is one of the leading Companies in the field of Dog Security. We provide healthy, most vigilant and highly trained dogs. Our dogs are not only famous for their guarding skills but also good health and better hygiene. We maintain high hygienic standards in regards to grooming, diet and health without any compromise on all the qualities of the products used on the dogs.

Action Dog's Services is proud and guarantees that no cruel methods have been used to train or handle the dog. All our dogs are trained in a joyful and playful atmosphere which makes the dog to enjoy the work and also helps to connect with the handler which results in the perfect teamwork. Our dogs are trained at regular intervals to refresh their guarding skills.

Action Dogs Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Kennel Boarding Facility and Training Centre for your pets. Here your pets will be provided with:

Home boarding – since all the members of our family are pet lovers, the pets are allowed to roam freely.

  • Your pets are given food from Pedigree according to your specifications.
  • They are taken out twice a day by me or our handlers.
  • They will get brushed out and cleaned with proper hygiene daily.
  • They are under continuous supervision by me, my helpers and my family members in my absence.
  • Only two pets are kept at a time in a cage and also with the same temperament.
  • Air-conditioning is provided 24 hours during summer.
  • They are provided with comfortable beds.
  • We have our pet clinic and in-house Vet.
  • Your pet is given full Grooming (with your permission) before they leave.